“Imagination abounds as Black Box debuts”

“The whole is delightful, the words clear, the singing excellent, the music lively.”

—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“If you love opera, you owe it to yourself to see Black Box Opera Theater’s debut production. The singing was consistently top notch, but what pushed it over the top was the acting. It was so pitch-perfect (pun not intended) that we almost couldn’t stand it.”


“By absorbing ideas from other arts into their creative process and into their works themselves, Seattle’s opera experimentalists are reinventing the form by returning to its roots.”

—Seattle Weekly

“The new Black Box Opera Theater scores its third hit in a row with the intriguing new double bill of Cabaret Youkali & Ullmann’s The Emperor of Atlantis

– The Hottest Ticket in Town!

- Seattle Gay News

“The scrappy Black Box Opera Theater gave a vital performance of The Emperor of Atlantis”

- Bloomberg.com

“All of Black Box singers have beautiful voices, but they go in for gutsy theatrics”

- Seattle Post-Intelligencer