The following outlines the BBOT ensemble’s vision for creating operatic performances and enhancing the operatic craft in the Greater Seattle Area. BBOT endeavors to:

•Give performing artists who share our vision, especially those based in the Greater Seattle area, an artistic home and outlet for their craft.

•Cast operatic productions from an ensemble of professional singers that train and work together regularly, rather than casting each show from auditions.

•Through our selection of repertoire and our production values, show how opera must be a dramatic, topical, and necessary part of today’s social dialogue.

•Starting with its ensemble of artists, contribute to a local culture of high-quality operatic performance by continuing development of our craft as actors and singers.

•As part of our initiative to build the local operatic performance culture, bring in nationally and internationally recognized theater and opera professionals to participate in productions and give workshops.

•Reach out to audiences outside of the classical music circles, including audiences that attend more traditional theater, as well as those who attend contemporary and experimental theater.

Black Box Opera Theater Mission